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Miguel Medrano

Strategic Partner - Latino Media

Miguel is an elected member of the Penjamo Yaqui Pueblo Board of Directors organized in one of AZ-01 and Scottsdale’s oldest and most distinct communities. His extensive background encompasses various roles and experiences, such as serving as the Executive Director for the Maricopa County Democratic Party, one of the largest counties in the United States.

Medrano's diverse skill set includes hands-on involvement in field operations during the 2008 Obama campaign and as a State Director for the Obama Campaign in 2012. Furthermore, he has lent his expertise to campaign management and provided valuable advisory services to state party leaders, elected officials, candidates at all levels, and grassroots activists across the nation. Miguel proudly served his country as an Army Non-Commissioned Officer, completing multiple tours of duty in Iraq, demonstrating his dedication to both civic and national service.

Miguel currently represents My Code Media, which often partners with Matters of State Strategies on client projects.

Miguel Medrano
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